Welcome, friend!
Which river led you here?
Blessings upon you.

Waters, eddying and swirling…

Clambering through the undergrowth; dark foliage closing in around you...

Wading through thick mud. Arms and legs heavy…

Past hushed whispers, furtive glances, sharp intakes of breath…


Come, speak with me; what can I get for you today?
I've the finest wares in the land
May you find what you seek.

Amulet, talisman, totem.

Map. Portal. Expansion.

Energy. Creativity. Hope…


Oh I have just the thing
Stop by anytime:

Voices that sound like yours.

Faces that remind you of you.

Ancient and future languages.

Images you’ve only conjured in your dreams.

Landscapes unfolding before you, spilling and glittering…

Worlds forming…

Interactive maps, mazes, simulations…

Browse at your leisure.

Pixels and private messages and playlists.

Inventories for survival and intersectional, interconnected histories.

Models of understanding, methods for surviving.

Diasporic dialogues.

Queer coding.

Crip Time, Crip place, Crip critique, Crip culture.

Collective visioning for a fuller future.


You’re a long way from home
How fare your battles?
Don’t mince words

Life is very hard.

Community can make it better.

We need the ones who understand what it’s like to have to code-switch and shape-shift…

Who imagine new worlds because the current one hasn’t been built with them in mind.

There is a transformative potential to play.

We can want more for this world.


Do not be afraid to swim against the current.
Even rotten crops regrow.
Fair wind and full sails
May the stars guide you.

What do you yearn for?

What do things look like beyond the beyond?

What is the next expansion?

Best of luck.